Residential Pest Control Services

It is really rare for pests to be a pleasurable encounter. Don’t allow natures animals to affect on your home life, loved one’s health or food stocks by reacting swiftly upon detection of their existence. Pest management providers can be accessed coming from localised councils nevertheless, because of reductions within local departments, waiting lists are long allowing infestations to multiply.

For a long time we’ve been in the industry of pest elimination and now have served a diverse number of customers. Using a business model close to that of our friends Mac & Dav (found at we have become proficient in a selection of varied methods and can control all unwanted pests coming from wasps, bees, and bugs to rabbits, rats, and mice. Dependant on individual needs or conditions we adjust our technique to the environment concerning the infestation. Our pest management measures ensure that customers health and safety in their home surrounding is recovered.

Issues residential pest issues can result in:

  • Threat of fire coming from rodents chewing electrical power cabling
  • Spread of illness such as leptospirosis
  • Disturbance or biting from residential pests

You can expect residential pest control with a pro-active strategy to providing our advertised treatments. With all our technicians specially trained to handle up to date scientific techniques we’re devoted in the handling and reduction of all vermin and pests inside of the home environment.

We now provide a pest management solution 365 days a year due to the character surrounding our industry. We aim to reply swiftly to alleviate any suffering. Enthusiasm for pest control can be found spanning our business.

All we have to have coming from you is the details of the problem and we will dispatch a technician competent in that particular field at the earliest opportunity.

The way we address pest management:

  1. Crawling insect control
  2. Restriction
  3. Bird repellent systems
  4. Vermin elimination
  5. Flying insect control
  6. Ongoing inspections
  7. Wildlife control
  8. Exemption
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Most Common Insect Pests In Maidstone And How To Get Rid Of Them

Most Common Insect Pests In Maidstone And How To Get Rid Of Them

Even though there are many types of insects that are not harmful for humans, such as ladybirds or butterflies, many of them are considered unwanted and even dangerous if they appear in a household in a large number. Some of them cause damage to food, clothes and furniture, while the others are responsible for transmitting diseases or causing discomfort such as itch, allergies and pain. Eradicating insects can sometimes be done at home, but only at the early stages of infestations. Later stages usually require turning to Maidstone Pest Control and hiring a professional. These are some of the most common insects causing problems in Maidstone households:

Cockroaches – this is definitely the nastiest and the most hated bug in the world and it comes with a reason. Cockroaches are responsible of spreading serious diseases, and since they quickly grow in number and easily become resistant to insecticides, it can be very difficult to get rid of them. When you notice cockroaches, the first step is to clean the house thoroughly and remove all the food. Check all the cracks and holes, spray them with insecticide and make sure to seal them afterwards.

Ants – ants are also common guests of many households, and depending on the species, they can be found in gardens and kitchens. In case ants have attacked your home, the best thing to do is spray their trail with some bleach, so that it removes the scent they leave and disables them from returning. You should also clean the house thoroughly, remove all the food and food remains, because it is what they are attracted to.

Fleas – even if you do not have a pet, these little critters can end up on your skin and bite you. However, if you are a pet owner, if you are not cautious your home can get infested by fleas. Prevention is the key, so make sure to clean your pet from fleas regularly. If your pet and your home get infested, you should wash and steam clean all the soft surfaces, because this is where the larvae are developed. Since they breed quite fast, it is often necessary to hire a professional to help you steam clean and properly treat the home.

Clothes moths – these insects will not harm you or your food, but they are known for destroying woolen clothes. Since moth larvae are responsible for the holes in your clothes, you can freeze the clothes to kill them. The grown up specimen can be chased away by moth balls or lavender bags you will put in the wardrobe.

Bees, wasps and hornets – they are often mixed up, but there are significant differences between these insects. However, what they have in common is that they are not aggressive and that they do not get into conflict with people unless they feel threatened. They are attracted by sweet foods, so if you eat outdoors, make sure to keep the food covered. Professional help may be sought to remove the wasps’ and hornets’ nests, since doing it yourself requires great caution. However, most bees (especially honey bees) are protected, and destroying their nest may be illegal. Therefore, if you have problem with bees, look for professional help.

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